Weoplen kautta julkaiset rekryilmoitukset nopeasti. Säästät aikaa kun teet työpaikkailmoituksen vain kerran ja julkaiset sen Weoplen kautta samalla useaan paikkaan.

Save time in recruitment

Publish job ads quickly through Weople to all major Finnish recruiting portals. Creating and publishing job postings is fast with Weople. Once the content is ready, it takes less than 1 minute to post. Candidates like it fast too – don’t let the best candidates get away by serving them long and boring application forms!

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Easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Publish your job ad on all major Finnish job media sites

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Finnish job media sites Monster
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Finnish job media sites Weople
Weople computer tabler or mobile

Any device, any time

Use Weople on a computer, tablet or mobile device – all features work regardless of display size and you can switch from one device to another at any time.

Easily sort applications to yes | maybe | no piles or send applicant communications on the go with your mobile to save time and boost efficiency. Or use your tablet to draft job descriptions while lying on the sofa. Your call – no need to be in the office or in front of your desktop computer to use Weople.

Easy for the candidates

A modern job seeker does not want to fill in long application forms – job search must be quick and easy. It is easy for the applicant to apply via the job ad published through Weople. Weople replaces old recruitment systems or the need for a “careers@” email address on your website.

Using an ATS for recruiting instead of email makes it also easier to comply with the GDPR (EU Data Protection Regulation).

Weople easy for the candidates

Try Weople – 14 days for free!

Ease the work of recruiters and the whole HR

Send personalized candidate mass emails with one click. Studies state that only 11% of candidates receive any communications during the recruiting process. Don’t be like the rest of the 89% – make sure you leave a good candidate experience.

Recurring vacancies? Don’t start from scratch every time. Copy your past job ad and tweak it as you wish. Save your job postings as drafts, so you don’t have to do everything at once.

Use interview templates and conduct interviews more smoothly. You can choose your questions to have written notes or star ratings. With star ratings, you can easily and discreetly evaluate the applicant during the interview, even using a cell phone.

Order online aptitude assessments for applicants and increase the chance of a great hire. After the assessment, the report and evaluation appear in the candidate’s profile. We use Cut-e aptitude assessments. Cut-e is part of Aon Corporation and conduct 30 million evaluations annually in 90 different countries.

Collaborate with all colleagues and even external recruiters. Give access and permissions based on your colleagues’ role. Are they recruiters, admins, from the marketing or communications, or maybe team leaders that only need to sort the candidates and choose one?

Are you succeeding with recruiting? Be in the know. Compare data over time in Weople’s recruitment analytics.

Help with recruitment challenges

The recruitment process may seem time-consuming and difficult. The two most common challenges in recruiting are: 1) there are too few good candidates, or 2) the number of applicants is really high, affecting and delaying the process. Weople helps with tackling both challenges.

With Weople, whenever you face a problem in recruiting, you can leverage Eilakaisla’s nearly 50 years of recruitment experience, and order help and outsource parts of the recruitment process to experienced recruiting

A flood of applicants, not enough time?

A flood of applicants Weople

Have your applicants sorted into Yes | Maybe | No stacks by an experienced recruitment consultant. In hurry? No problem. In urgent cases we can serve you up to as fast as 1 full work day from your order.

When recruiting for a key position, use the broader SHL aptitude assessment to evaluate the candidates. Our SHL-certified consultants will help. Our service includes: precise definition of the desired profile and the competencies required by the position, the actual assessments, and the interpretation and feedback of the assessment for both you and the applicants.

Let Eilakaisla’s professionals take care of your interviews! Our interview assistance includes an interview, a summary, a short summary of the applicant, and reference review of the top three candidates.

A flood of applicants, not enough time?

Weople Too few applicants

The job description is extremely important and ideally gives the candidate a good picture of what to expect from the job and the working environment. A good, optimized job description increases the conversion rates from job ad viewers to applicants.

In difficult-to-fill positions, sourcing is usually a very effective way of increasing the number of applicants and therefore, success rate. Take advantage of Eilakaisla’s highly experienced talent acquisition specialists to find and contact potential candidates. With Weople, you can order with two different billing models, pay in advance or “pay only when we succeed”.